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30 Second Commercials

Hi. My name is Dale and I work at blah blah blah, we're number one in blah blah and rank fourteenth overall in the nation for more stuff you don't actually care about.

Could you imagine introducing yourself this way? Have you ever stopped to think about how, maybe, just maybe, this is exactly what you sound like? Granted, this is probably not what you say, but it is most definitely what your prospect hears.

Allow us to clarify, the prospect does not hear this because you are not good at your job. They hear this because they have become desensitized to being pitched. They get the same pitch 100 times a day and they can anticipate what you’re going to say next. So, they have no real incentive to actively listen. Stop giving them the same old pitch that everyone knows. Give them an incentive to listen to you by sharing your REASON.

Motivate your prospect by giving them a good REASON

REASON is a revolutionary “Cold Calling” method that places sales professionals ahead of the curve by crushing communication barriers and engaging prospects like never before. You probably already know that your 30-second commercial has a heavy influence on the future relationship between you and your prospect.

REASON helps you capture this moment and show your prospect that you’re more than a pitch. Make a first impression that lasts and leaves the prospect wanting to know more.

Consistently, introductions are underappreciated and overlooked. In reality, introductions are one of the most valuable items in a salesperson’s ToolBox. We constantly sell ourselves short when we attempt to introduce ourselves exactly like every other salesperson.

Consider that ninety other people sell exactly the same thing as you within a 100 mile radius. Are you introducing yourself exactly like the other eighty nine? By putting a little time and energy into your introduction you can schedule more meetings, build more relationships, win more opportunities to submit proposals and #ChangeTheGame. Don’t overlook your introduction.

Being able to articulate your REASON gives you the ability to use your story and translate your true-value to the prospect. It breaks the ice and builds credibility, all while creating an outline for a first appointment and future interactions as a new friend to your prospect. This approach is also full of psychological elements that will break down barriers with your prospect through a common ground approach.


An easy way to remember REASON is - Radically Educate And Share One's Narrative.

However, it goes much deeper than that. REASON is a four phase approach to winning new accounts. Each phase has a set of core principles which are comprised of elements. These principles and the elements that create them are all spelled out within the course. Clear examples of how these principles apply to script building are also provided. This principled approach allows REASON to be transferable between any industry and any product.

  • RE - Radically Educate - A New Way To Cause Curiosity
    • Interrupt Marketing
    • Creating Curiosity
    • Emotional Context
  • A - Attention - A Warm Follow-up That Breaks Traditional Patterns
    • Consistency
    • Attitude
  • S - Story - The Most Powerful Tool in Sales
    • Raw emotion
    • Focus
  • O - Outline - An Emotional Option and Guidance Into The Next Interaction
    • Positioning
    • Control
  • N - Nuanced - You Are The Center of Your REASON
    • Confidence

This mini-course offers a new approach for your 30-second pitch, some important information about first impressions and communication, as well as some unique ways to create first touch campaigns and set more appointments. This process has been designed specifically for B2B sales, but can easily be adapted for B2C. Also, we provide two customizable marketing pieces and a foundation script that you can take to build from.

It's more than an introduction. It's a first impression.

Now, go get started -

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The Sales Rebellion is on a mission to change the stereotype of sales through creative sales outreach and community-minded servant leadership. Join us as we #ChangeTheGame. #ChooseLegendary and begin building your legacy.

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